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1. Pre-sale Questions (12)

Questions you might have before ordering.

2. Ecommerce Website Instructions (35)

Instructions for using our ecommerce websites

3. Web Hosting & Email Questions (9)

Information about our web hosting services

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 7. How can I add attributes to products such as size and colour?

watch video There are 3 steps to setting up product options.The first step is to add your 'option...

 How do I setup Paypal Express Checkout?

To setup paypal express checkout:Login into your paypal business account. Click the following...

 2. How do I add a new product?

watch video 1. Go to the 'Catalog' menu and choose 'categories/products'. 2. Choose the...

 How do I add text to the home page?

1. Go to the 'tools' menu and choose 'define pages editor'.2. Select 'define_main_page.php' from...

 8. How do I sell downloadable products?

1. Create an Option Name and Option Value for your Downloadable products (only needs to be done...

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